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Originally Posted by George.of.the.Jungle View Post
so much awesomeness at your junkyards.
Yeah I've been lucky a few times. Sadly there's times I've had to leave stuff as I didn't have the tools or I didn't have a use for. I've come across alloy control arms, V1-V3 GC8 WRX bonnet, plenty of nice catbacks and axleback exhausts, WRX front and rear seats. This is all at the same pick and pull too. It helps to know what the good parts are too.

So after a two week break, I'm back. I'm glad I did take the break as my arm is still bruised from the bonnet incident. If it was a steel bonnet as opposed to an aluminum one things would have been worse.

So this is what I returned to. A very dusty, and very sad looking outback. You can see my trusty steed, the GF8 to the side with her shiny new door.

So the first thing I started to work on was installing the headers. Fortunately these ones fit. They take a bit of wiggling to get in place as they're aftermarket, and probably eBay.

As you can see plenty of clearence with the thermostat housing. I thing the FB25 housing in order before this becomes the daily.
Originally Posted by silverton View Post
I'm not sure how much bigger your engine bay is than a GC's but I tried to run a similarly shaped header and it would not fit with the radiator.
As I suspected the engine bay is slightly longer, and even though the headers are slightly different, I don't think they would fit in a GC/GF

Next was the get all the accessories bolted back on. I had removed the radiator for ease of work earlier in the day. It's looking relatively clean too which I'm happy about. I don't want show car clean, but I'd like it to not look like a 420,000 km engine.

Next was to fill it with oil, only the cheapest stuff for this nugget. I'll probably put a better oil in it before engineering and registration. As you can see my custom oil funnel, no more spillage.

Next was to install the battery to test that I've put it back together properly. And by battery I mean jumper cables to the GF8. I first tested it with the fuel pump fuse remove to get some oil around it and because I was nervous about it all.

Once that test went fine, I put the fuse back in. It took a little while for fuel to circulate again but once it didn't It starts no problem. I originally had the accelerator cable to tight so I had to adjust that so it didn't redline.

Next was to install the uppipe. This was a pain and I had to lift the engine up to get it in place. This was done with a car jack and a brick.

I can't seem to get the turbo in place as the fuel lines are in the way. If anyone knows the trick to this, I'd love to know, otherwise it's tomorrows project.

Radiator back in. I've managed the lose a hose clamp on the lower tube so another trip to the wreckers is in order soon.

So with getting the turbo to fit, I think I may end have to remove the manifold. If that's the case I paint it while its out. I'd love to paint it white, but you can get it as wrinkle paint and I don't think I could live with the finish so either red or black it is. Probably red.

So in review, I got the headers installed the the engine started. I still don't know it the clutch still works as I don't have any fluid for it. If I end up going for wrinkle paint tomorrow, I'll get some and test that next.

That's it's for today, so cheers

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