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So quick update and junkyard finds.

The headers arrived on thursday, a week earlier than expected which is awesome, not that I can install them. And today I picked up a replacement dump pipe one the way back from getting a new door for the GF8. I only had half of one because I'm an idiot.

And on the way back I stopped in at Pick 'n' Payless, the local pick and pull yard. I've had great finds hear before and today was no exception.

I managed to get a genuine Legacy GT-B wing for $55 which is a steal. Paint is shit (its the wrong colour anyway) and I think its missing the two brake light screw covers (I don't know if they ever had them). I'd been on the fence about getting one when I saw a rep for $125 locally. So this was a no brainer at that price.

Bottom photo showing the excellent paint job.

So that's for now. I'll be back working on it next week, hopefully getting the engine started.


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