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Default 2017

February 2017

Originally I saw this car a month or so prior in a Honda/VW dealership inventory. The paint on the car was extremely faded so I decided to pass up on it.
Fast forward to February, I see it again but a private dealership had acquired it and gave it a new paint job. Since I couldn't find the perfect 99-01 Impreza L (GC4), I made a last minute decision to drive from KY/TN to FL to look at it. Paint job was almost on par with MAACO and the 4EAT pan leaked a little bit. The body was straight and the price was cheap, that was good enough for me.

The car was on beater duties until I can finish parting out my 00 Impreza. In the meantime I ended up adding a few things.
  • 02 WRX steering wheel.
  • 02 WRX front seats.
  • 02-07 all weather mats.
  • 00 Impreza cruise control.
  • 00 Impreza keyless entry.
  • 2.5RS 6-spoke wheels.

March 2017

Picked up a set of 06 WRX calipers with rotors while I was back in WI.

April 2017
Back in early-March while I was in WI there was a 07 Impreza STi being parted out. I had to pass on the drivetrain because I had no room to haul it back to KY/TN. Mid-April comes around and it was still listed for sale. I was pretty much dead set on having a 07 STi drivetrain (longer gears). Well it was now or never. Drove back to WI on a Friday and made a deposit, it would be ready by Monday. Didn't get the driver side hub/spindle and axle because it was hit on that side.

Packed it into the back of a 09 Versa Hatchback.

December 2017
I've decided to stick to 5x100 hubs because of the wheels that I want. The optional BBS wheels for the 02-05 WRX.

Since I want to use the R180 rear diff I would need custom axles that will allow me to use the R160 rear hubs. The solution was easy, suberdave custom races.


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