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So when you have a car that's interior has been inhabited by the likes of alpaca, sheep and cows the best thing to do it just replace everything. So that's was it did.

Armed with new front and rear Seats, new door cards, radio shroud, armrest, and boot scuff panels that was the past weekends mission.

So to answer the question, "can you fit and outback interior into your GF8?" yes but I wouldn't recommend it.

I started with the boot as it seemed the easiest. Here's a before and after, sorry about the blurry picture.

While the panels where out I decide to clean the years of dust from the local road. Left is dirty and right is clean.

Here's the carpet are the clean. I didn't dare to take a picture of before as it was horrifying.

The pile of parts not needed anymore.

Various clips, nuts, bolts and screws collected from the old panels.

The old seats and door cards. For the fact they'd maybe been cleaned 5 times in as many years they weren't too bad. Dog being the dog.

The dog being more approving of the new interior.

Better shot of the new seats. I have a new steering wheel outer, just needs to be restitched

And from the back. Gotta keep the cargo nets.

All in all the new interior cost $323 AUD. There's still one or two pieces to get but not bad tbh.

And that brings this journal up to date. Progress with probably be intermittent as the car is at my parents 2 hours away, but hopefully not to slow.

Cheers for the read, Luke

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