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So this all started as a what if. And it really started to evolved into reality after I ran into a set of 4 pots and 2 pots at the wreckers yard. I originally bought them for my GF8 but soon changed my mind as I couldn't be bothered the bleed the brakes again.

As purchased ($84 for the 4 Pots) ($108 for the 2 Pots)

Before and after a repaint.

All painted and pins cleaned.

Then it started to snowball as the parts started to pile up,

First the smaller parts. Leather armrest as an upgrade and the others to replace broken parts. A new 'Limited' as mine had fallen of. It's important to note I still didn't have the car at this point.

Then the larger items came. Leather door-card are included in this I just forgot to take pictures.

Leather Front Seats with SRS Airbags ($130)

Leather Rear Seats ($60)

Cheers, Luke

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