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Defi DIN Gauge Pack

So I had originally planned for some wild intricate gauge pack in the center of the car and reality sort of hit that I needed some gauges to go racing and didn't have time to make everything work right, and make it look clean so I caved in an bought a set of (used) Defi DIN gauges.

I bought them for a RHD car to the tune of about $200 less than brand new for a LHD car assuming I could do what I thought I could do: tear the thing apart and just flip the gauges over. I was planning on opening the pack up to put a custom screen in anyways in the future so I wasn't really worried about popping it open and breaking it, or finding out what I wanted wouldn't work.

So I got it in the mail and immediately opened it up.

The good news was that I could just flip everything over and have it work... for sake of the exterior piece.. that will now forever say "Defi" backwards and upside down.

While I was at it, I roughly measured out how bad it would be to put a screen in one of the slots.. and with my smallest screen it doesn't look impossible.. though I will need to get a smaller one.

I'll end up putting some ECU parameters on this as I don't really need coolant temp and oil temp/pressure is what I am after anyways.

Anyways, for the time being they are going in car as it is and luckily enough, all I had to do was add in the pressure sender and reuse my oil temp sender with the new style Defi controller plugs.

I decided to add in the pressure sender in place of the factory oil pressure switch. I kind of didn't want to do this as it's nice to have an extra "hey idiot" light, but I have an idea of how to make this light work as a settable warm light on the cluster. More on that later... I already have too many ideas and projects..

The rest was your simple run wires and bolt things up situation. I used a brand new OEM pod kit and the unit bolted right up to the DIN bracket. There are a few gaps that I'm not super excited about, but they don't seem to be that big of a deal. I have a few ideas if I decide I don't like the gaps in the future.

Right now the rightmost temp gauge isn't hooked up and sorta just bounces back and forth.. but.. that's fine because the pressure and temp work perfectly and I'll end up removing the other temp in the near future.

I already sort of miss the pocket.. but I should be able to adapt. I think also in the future I am going to paint the needle white pieces black to match the cluster, but that would be too OCD for trying to get the car to the racetrack at the start of June.

That's all for now
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