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Wow time flies when you don't have much motivation! Almost six months since that most recent faithful day, haha.

I have a block! It's from an 08 STi. I haven't touched it since I brought it up a couple posts ago. Depending on how easily it goes I'll be replacing the other three pistons over the next night or two. I was going to use the NA pan and pickup again, but decided to buy a killer b pickup and run the turbo pan.

I have heads! They're from a mid 00's Legacy if I remember right with not a whole lot of miles. Got them modified to fit my application (one of the standoffs for the intake manifold is in the way). Took them to a shop to get cleaned up, ended up being a $500 bill after they noticed valve guides were starting to walk out, so they replaced all of them. They took care of some of the assembly as well.

Plan is to have a fully assembled motor before even putting a wrench to my car, Have another set of ARP head studs to go with it. I'll basically have twin long blocks. I'm hoping to bring in the new year with some boost.
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