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Got everything a bit more together. Gotta get new IC mounts and a few more new little bits, but it's much more put together than it was the other day. Still need to tape up some wiring, but I'd like to get the proper mounts first so routing is proper.

Interior is 90% back together, got the Defis wired in and everything is pretty much in except the glovebox and steering column trim. Also have a wonderful wiring issue. High beams are always one.. I didn't mess with those wires at all, so I've gotta see what's going on. Also, I believe the airbag light is still on. No idea why, something probably was left unplugged.

Super happy with how wiring came together. Definitely nicer than the 20k stuff was, but that's 6 years of experience for ya. I'll post more pics tomorrow. I'm laying in bed and don't wan to grab my cord for my phone.

Had really bad IACV woes, importers probably bashed it and ruined it as I could pull the plastic piece away from the metal. I had to sit at lights and give it gas to keep it running. I did drive it about 30 miles today (to get a new IACV) and gave it some beans on the highway. Good lord... what a car. It's completely different, but the character hasn't changed at all. I love it.

IACV though, not so much love for. New one works, but the inner sealing just doesn't. OEM gasket was trashed too and the one I got with the used OEM one wouldn't work. I tried some RTV but no dice. Just puking coolant into the intake. Not amazing.

Called it quits and thanks to Amazon, will have two more OEM gaksets here on Monday.
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