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Defi Link 52mm Boost Gauge + Controller

Swapped out my old Greddy manual gauge for a hard to fine white/green 52mm Defi link boost gauge. Has a 2.0bar meter instead of the 1.5, so I shouldn't overwork it. It's also electronic, so overworking isn't going to happen either.. but. yeah.

I had an old harness I put in the car for the Greddy gauge with a two pin connector for ground and illumination. The Defi controller needs pins for batt, acc 12v, illumination and ground, so I made the harness compatible with my already installed harness, and then added in another so make it a perfect subaharness that can be removed in various places, not just at the controller for easier installs in the future.

The gauge itself popped right into the current (ghetto) pod, and the wiring plugged right in. I made a hole in the back of my DIN pocket just big enough for all the wiring to go through. I placed the controller in the center of the pocket, but I don't know how long that's going to stay like that. I didn't really have a choice because the DIN pocket had those old CD holder trays that prevented me from really putting it elsewhere.

Also used 3M tape because of the lack of velcro, and I didn't feel like going to buy some.

I do have an oil temp gauge of the same nature that will plug in, so everything is going to get moved again I think. Temporarily it's fine.

I kept my original vacuum line tubing in place, and just re-routed in to the side and mounted the Defi sender in cabin. I sort of didn't want to do this, but the engineer in me already used one in place harness, so using an in place line seemed to be up this job's alley. I made sure to keep the sender out of the HVAC's airflow line, and other than that I don't need any other problem with keeping it in the car other than that the manual line is longer than it really needs to be.

After that, plugged it all in and everything seemed to work.

And I made sure it was reading boost correctly, as well as displaying peak properly.

I love this car so much more than that fat GD

As mentioned, I have the corresponding oil temp gauge and sender, just need to find a place to mount them that's NOT in the center (for now) and plug in the needed wiring to the main controller, which will likely need to be moved.
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