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Clutch and Timing Belt + little bits

Finally done for school for the semester and I managed to pass all my classes. One 2000 level CAD class away from an engineering degree!

In my week and some change off I decided it was time to knock out a ton of maintenance that needed to be done.

First things first, had an interview with a company that does active AWD control systems. I decided that whenever I get in my car with any sort of business attire on I feel like so:

Killed the interview, got home, put on some shorts and got to work.

Engine came out smoothly. No shoes were even required. Last time I had it out was 2 years ago when I did the headgaskets and I was sure to antisieze everything. Only bolt that broke was a rad bracket bolt.. grr.

Started to tear everything apart and got the clutch off.

Honestly, not too bad as far as disk life, but the pressure plate was destroyed by multiple auto-x launches and general living downtown in a city.

I bought a used, but used in the lightest sense of used, V5 STi RA disk and pressure plate. They even came in the original parts boxes. It looked like they had been installed, driven down the street, and pulled out. Not bad for $200.

Here's a better look at the used vs "new" pressure plate:

I was pretty worried about the flywheel and I thought that it had much worse heat scoring than it did.. I roughed it up and decided to reuse it. The JDM STi flywheels are actually pretty unique so I didn't want to have to resort to using the WRX flywheel I snagged if I didn't need to. They are all a single piece opposed to the WRX stuff that's multiple pieces. Bit lighter too.

While everything was easily accessible I swapped on the up pipe. The rattle from the heat shield on the old one was bothering the living hell out of me, especially in parking garages. New STi one for $50 should do the trick, and I'll get the old one all re-welded to swap out after this one starts going insane as well.

While the up pipe was off I addressed the problem I knew was going to happen one I did my headgaskets and that was the commonly leaky turbo oil return.

It was hard as a rock when I did my headgaskets, but didn't have time to wait for spare parts, and when I moved the line, it broke the seal. No matter, few rags and new parts later and it shouldn't even leak again! Also realized I forgot a bolt for the turbo bracket :X

Next on the list was timing and water pump. My engine was at a calculated 99k miles, and I figured since the engine was out, time for timing!

Old belt honestly looked awesome. The original belt from 1998...

Could still see my timing marks on it from when I did headgaskets, and the SUBARU logo was still on it. Bearings looked a bit worn and there WAS material in the covers, so new Gates kit here we go...

It was at this point I noticed he old Phase 1 engines don't use the little idler bearing the newer WRX do. Tripped me up for a second after I pulled the pin and looked in the box to still see a bearing in there.

Next was just little things. Coolant expansion tank was getting a bit rusted around the filler, and the inlets were gummed up from what I assume is carbon and other crap from that, ya know, 6 month time period I drove with leaking gaskets years ago. A new JDM one was cheap, note the angle of the turbo water line vs the USDM one, so it got swapped.

Fully mad a mess, and also swapped on the red STi Samco Sport rad hoses. So far, absolutely not worth both the cost or install for em. But hey, JDM pointz?

Also note the lack of shoes. Don't need em!

Power steering pump was sort of on it's way out through the hell I've put it through by making all sorts of stuff work with it that it shouldn't. Had a spare V4 type R one hanging around, on it went!

Engine was ready to go in at this point, so I tossed it in.

Drove it around today and man, that clutch was well needed! Gears shift smoother and the engagement doesn't chatter at all.

I could have used some new engine mounts, but I'll get to those later when I do a much needed trans mount. IC bracket is a bit bent too from using it as a lift point, but I have a spare one waiting for me in Kzoo.

Drove around a bit more to make sure it was reliable. Heard a bit of bubbling in the coolant but I hadn't filled up the overflow, which took just under a gallon. Should be fine and burped now.

Recap, I replaced:

-Timing/water pump
-Up pipe
-Coolant hoses
-Turbo oil return
-PS pump
-Coolant expansion tank
-Other little things


I love this stupid car.
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