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My steering wheel showed up late last week.

I had a large internal debate on whether or not I was going to go suede or leather. I decided on leather because it contrast nicely with the cars more functional aspects.

Adapting my quick release to the wheel was straight forward, utilizing a essentially a scaled down version of your typical wheel spacer. The male side of the quick release is welded to .75" .120 wall tubing which I hammered over the stock steering shaft splines and then welded as well. The column mount idea I stole from my professors 25.1 chassis. It exceeds the SFI requirements being a collapsible column. I just need to find someone with a 3D printer to make me a bottom column bushing and I'll be happy with this portion of the steering.

Extending the u-joint shaft was as easy as it was the last time I did it [emoji6]

It was raining or else I would have pulled it out and got better pictures of it together.

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