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Long overdue update, but I am indeed back...Sans premie. There's been a few bumps In the road to making the V2 rear subframe.

My roomate hired me to build a downpipe back exhaust for his MK6 gti. Midway through that my truck decides to over heat and blow its coolant all over me and the mall parking lot. An ice-clogged radiator proved to be the culprit.

My garage isn't heated so welding a bunch of pie cuts in freezing temperatures didn't sound like a good time. Thankfully I have the metal table in the dining room. I proceeded to drag my argon bottle up my back steps. It had snowed the night before and had since turned to ice. I slipped and dropped the cylinder. I had the cap on so there wasn't a ton of drama other than it glanced off the left foot. Upon further inspection it had crushed my toe nail and tore the skin off with it.

Shortly after that a wire in my TIG pedal kinked and broke. After pulling apart the entire pedal just to get to the potentiometer, I soldered in a new length of wire and got back to business. The finished product is a flat black.

Back to the rear subframe. Like the front I went simple and strong.

I utilized the factory ends right up to the lateral link mounts. I boxed all four link mounts and the ends themselves with .125 sheet. The two sides are connected via 1.5" .120 wall tube. The cover is solid bushing mounted while the front retains a factory rubber bushing.

The tubes are gusseted both vertically and horizontally with .125 sheet.

My parents got me a Brykes Racing quick release for Christmas. They're used by Ford Motorsports IMSA cars. I wanted something smaller than the traditional street car quick releases so it didn't stand out or come into contact with my knees.

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