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I've been fairly busy with the car. Small quirks with my front subframe were starting to annoy me, so the only logical thing to do was start anew. Tinkering with designs I came to the conclusion that the benefits of a dry sump setup weren't worth the added weight and cost for what I intend to do with car. For better weight distribution and easier clearance for the rear sump pan I moved the engine back another four inches.

With the engine back the steering rack could stay in line with where the stock mounts would have been. Drop knuckles will be in the near future to correct any potential bumpsteer.

I boxed the control arm mounts to the engine mounts and back to main potion of the subframe. This greatly improved the rigidity of the LCA mount as whole. Taking advice on some my MIG welds, I played with techniques to gain some aesthetic appeal.

The fitment is spot on. No issues with control arm binding or alignment issues. Hopefully the added four inches of engine shift towards the middle of the car pays off when the car finally hits the scales.

And since I can't leave anything alone. Scored this for $20 bill. Stay tuned

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