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Spoiler alert, i hadn't cracked it at all

I'm fairly certain I cracked the emanage! I've tried and failed at a lot of different tuning methods. Of course the most simple is the one that seems to work.

I got to thinking, what are these people with RRFPR's doing and how do they make it work so well. As in, consistent AFR's in boost and just an all around happy car. So I went back to basics.

I checked and set my fuel pressure without vac to the high end of the FSM spec, 46psi. I had increased it the other day to a idle vacuum of 43.5. Without vacuum that's 60psi! HAH. Needless to say the rear O2 wasn't happy even being in an extension.

In the Emanage I cleared all non-boost cells, and even cleared out the 1-5psi boost cells. And also set my throttle voltage output back to factory. Because I changed the fuel pressure, I have to start from scratch. That's okay, cause that was the plan! Reset the ECU through ecuexplorer and started hunting for the proper latency's. Both the before and after latency's have changed but I found something that keeps the fuel trim happy at idle and 2500 stationary rev. So I went for a drive and started toying with the vacuum cells cause I was seeing some in the 5-10 range so I changed the cells accordingly and kept driving. Now of course the idle trim is off! This is where I've been pulling my hair out this whole time.

So I thought for a second, if it learns like that.... then maybe I need to just LEAVE IT ALONE. I returned all the vacuum cells back to 0 and continued to drive. Sure enough, throughout the rev range they are all in the -5 to 5 range, and trending towards the positive. Which is fine by me cause that will make the final tune just a smidge more rich.

Now that I was happy with that I started building boost. at 1psi it was adding about 15% in the short term. Set those cells to 20. The trims are about -3% at 1psi now. Try for 2psi. It was adding close to 25% in the short term, so my 2psi cells are set to 30. 3 is 40, 4 is 50, 5 is 60. This seems to be keeping my fuel trims happy (under 10 but aiming for 5) at partial throttle in boost, yay! At 6psi is where the auto tune feature starts to take over as I'm deep enough in to the throttle that it's open loop.
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