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So apparently the car has an oil leak coming from the rear of the oil pan. This is not an easy place to get to if you don't want to pull the motor.

I pulled the 2 14mm nuts holding the engine mounts to the subframe and also removed the tranny pitch mount and hoisted the engine up. I had to loosen the radiator as well so I didn't rip the lower rad hose off.

This is the gap I was left with:

^ Do you think that dent is affecting the oil pickup?

I broke the bolts loose with a 10mm socket and had a TON of help by using a flexible screwdriver twisty bendy rod thingy. Thank you Subaru for putting Phillips slots on those bolts!


I had already loosened the dipstick tube from the top so I could wiggle it around and fandangle it out of there.

Cleaning the dirty pan:

Nice job welding an oil return line from the turbski:

By the way, are all RS pans silver??? ^ I've only ever seen black oil pans on Subarus, both turbo and non.

All clean!

I started chipping away at some of the rust. I have repaired rusty fenders a few times now, this should be a breeze. My initial plan was to get the sheetmetal flares of Ebay and go wider STI suspension links and wider wheels, but this car ended up being in way better shape than I figured. Now I think I will fix it to "factory spec", and if needbe I can always go wider in the future.

^ From the door trim removal :sigh:
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