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Originally Posted by Mykul View Post
But where will you sit?

Great job on the cage, true modding comes after you've officially totaled the car!
I'm going to be doing a tunnel out of tubing. That and the rockers once plated will perfect for seat mounts.

I set out the other day to install the rear strut brace and plates. I cut out the plates and marked where I wanted the tubes to sit.

I went to test fit the plates and low and behold the factory rear strut brace and parcel self prevented the plates from sitting at the top of the tower. At this point I'm left with little choice but to make room or mount the brace lower. Those that follow along have probably already predicted my decision. 30 or so spot welds later.

Some much room for activities.

Close to 15 pounds of sheet metal gone. I got the plates tacked in. I pre bent them on the bench to contour the tower.

I'll weld it all up tomorrow.

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