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Well, the progress on the build is embarrassingly slow. Still hardly can find any time to work on it and even engine standing in the middle of the living room is not helping.
Last couple of weeks I managed to spend about 20-30 min every other day to do something on the car and despite this being ridiculously insufficient to do something major, I managed to get couple of things sorted out.
First, all cams and covers are installed. I installed RH cam seals using 32 mm socket, but LH ones appeared to be tricky because my socket is not deep enough to get over the cam - on this side itís a bit longer. For one of LH seals I used second seal as additional extension, but to place the last one to itís final position I need to find something new. Basically this keeps me from putting all the timing bits on.
New water pump is installed, all front covers are cleaned from heavy PS fluid leak, managed to put together one good set of rubber seals for the covers from two engines.
Finally got my turbo from my other engine laying at friendís garage.
Itís VF28 and it was looking not as good as I expected.
All cartridge was covered in oil, but I hope itís just from bad drain pipe gasket, because it was worse at the bottom.

The worst surprise was aluminium particles I found in hot section

Thatís what your turbo gets when your valve snapsÖ

Rust from coolant line on the left, head and piston remains - on the right.
Well I hope that damage is not that bad, I couldnít get the housings out yet, both sides are stuckÖ But it spins fine, no shaft play, all blades look fine to me and grease on the inlet and outlet of the cold section makes me hope that seals may be fine as well, there just was some blowby issues on the old engine...

Anyway, gave it a gentle blast with brake cleaner to wash away the oil, and now it looks like this.

Still need to get the housings off, inspect the blades on hot side, clean cold side from oil residue
And put it back togetherÖ
I should have every gasket/o-rings to redo all the plumbing on the cartridge, but after failing to get any of the banjo bolts out I wonder maybe itís better to leave it as is and just replace the gasket on the drain pipeÖ
Another stopper is coolant drain pipe

20 years of doing itís job took a toll on it. Need to check the condition of this pipe on my other engine but when I took the turbo out I had to cut the coolant drain hose because I couldnít remove any side of the hose from itís pipe.. So, Iím not very optimisticÖ
Looks like not a big deal but from initial search I found these new for 50 bucks + shipping.. And 2-3 weeks delivery, because you knowÖ Island life Ö
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