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Originally Posted by Ted View Post
Curious to see your A/W setup for the street. I've read a lot of contradicting info regarding street driving and heat soak. Seems like there's varying degrees of success.
Me too ) That's why I got three GM IAT sensors
But unfortunately it's long road to go based on my progress so far.. I wonder how many new generations of Impreza are going to be released before I finish this one ))))

Here comes the part when I wanted to add pic of the page in the manual that stated 20Nm torque for that bolts, but I can't find it. the only one I could find on this computer says 10Nm And it's proper manual for 96 with HLA heads.

Now I'm thinking what to do... the problem that I already had one cover installed and I don't want to open it now. Yesterday I re-torqued front cap on the cam that was moving slightly harder on that head because these front cap bolts are outside the cover and torqued down last in sequence. So I unscrewed them half-turn back and basically torqued them by hand until I'm comfortable that they are not loose and both cams now spin free without virtually any resistance until cams lobes come to the buckets.
Probably will leave them like this and torque other side to 10Nm..
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