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Originally Posted by Ted View Post
The bondo you plan to stack on top will last a year or two tops before it starts to bubble and crack from the rust forming. If you intend to keep the car for an extended period of time it would be wise to remove all rust and replace with good clean metal.
I know its a temporary repair, I only need this to last until I can put together the cash to fully replace the body panels. This might take a while as for now I have my eye on the Aerosim panels. I am going to grind out all I can in the meantime to try and slow down the spread.

Originally Posted by tnice17 View Post
I would recommend using Duraglass. I have used this product when repairing 1/4s. Its some tough stuff! much harder and ridge than bondo. That is a ton of work though so goodluck!
I picked up some fiberglass reinforced bondo filler which looks to be the same idea as what you liked, I hope its as tough as what you suggested, but I suppose we'll find out some time next week!
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