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Furrin Group AutoX - 131 Motorsports Park - 10/25/2015

Woo racing!

Another AutoX and the first one with the new springs. Car felt super awesome with the exception of a lot of front wheelspin, which I blame my 30psi fronts on. Good job at checking them before leaving for the race, me

I drove really, REALLY slowly for some reason. Can't quite pinpoint it, but I ran slower than one of the other Subaru guys who's first auto event it was which really made me feel bad. Complaining doesn't make you faster though, so whatever.

The course was really fun though, topped out 3rd almost in a strightaway which to me was unheard of in an AutoX. I kept hitting some cones again, but had no DNFs.

There were 100 people there, and in the scheme of things I did well, but in my class I think I was 15/19 or something like that. SM was the most competitive class there.

Here is a video of one run (2/4 iirc). Botched the launch so hard, which im not sure why. The rest of my launches were great. My foot just didn't want to work for whatever reason.

Here are some awesome pics taken by some guys who take pics (?):

Looking forward to another event in November. I hope it isn't canceled, because I really want to redeem myself (for my own self esteem) and end the season on a better note than feeling bad about times.
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