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Well. Tried to mout brake booster and mc to see how it all fits together. Also installed actual brake pressure sensor to see how it's harness connector will clear solenoid bracket. Here is the result:

Looks like for now it clears fine, but one big question remains. How to route lines from MC to bias valve? They need to enter from the top of the valve and only oblious way to do this is to route them abovethe valve. But I don't like it since 99% it won't look clean, might be at the same height if not higher than max fluid level in MR reservoir and probably will mess up with the adjustment knob...
And there is not much space on the bottom either to route lines there because I need to connect three lines to the ouput pots and squeeze them between the valve and wheel well. Not even saying that pressure sensor will be in the way if I somehow get the lines under the bracket from the RH wing side...

Will be trying to solve this today.
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