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Still haven't ordered the remaining parts.. Need to get the filer neck and new hardware for the retapped RSB mount so I'll be ready to reassemble once I get the bushings swapped out. Also need to pick up another wrx front axle.

I managed a few hours over the weekend, no photos though. I got the front crossmember pulled apart and ready for cleaning. Everything came apart fairly easily, the tie rod arm puller I got was too large so a little pickle forking and I had the tie rods and ball joints separated. Front wheel bearings feel smooth as butter, forgot to spin the rears to see if my original assessment was correct(bad rear passenger bearing). Still need to spin the wrx rear diff to check it's condition.

Next time I get in the garage I'll be using my giant 2.5 gallon of purple power to clean both crossmembers and all links/arms. Then start with swapping the steering rack bushings and move my way through the front xmember/LCA to the rear/links.

On a personal note; Wish I had a few more days off and/or my garage was closer. Free time is getting harder to find. My brother is looking to move towards Richmond since he and his gf are getting more serious. We currently own our house together, so I'm on the hunt for a new spot with a garage/shop big enough for my moto's and subaru projects. No question, I will definitely be installing a lift if space allows!
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