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Ohlins Fixed Perch Struts w/ Bestex Lowering Springs

So um. Yeah. I found these and I bought them and I wanted to see what all the hubub was about Ohlins.

Tossed em on, made sure to use lots of zipties for things (aftermarket woo!)

Ohlins compared to the OEM V5/6 STi strut/springs.

Fronts in!

Rears in!

Springs sit a little lower than the OEM ones.

Drove around just a bit (was pouring rain so I couldn't do much), but the way the car handles bumps now is like riding on a cloud. It's insane. I did a drive with full soft, stopped in a parking lot (took that pic) and adjusted the rears 10 clicks stiffer. The difference was immediate and great. I couldn't mess with the fronts at the moment because the car is too low, and the ground was too wet for me to want to lay down. Front feels a bit floaty still, but that would also be just the rain and my terrible steering rack.

Final measurements for the time being:

Can't wait to play with these new toys!!
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