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So I am trying to gather information on the cable to hydraulic trans swap.

Looks like I will need
A clutch fork
Clutch Master and Clutch Slave (and clutch hose)
Hard and rubber lines (thru firewall)
Pedal box

The hydraulic pedal box, switches, and slave is supposed to look like this (from an RS):

I have an STi pedal box so it looks like some cutting will have to be done for the pedal box to fit:

from this build thread:
Boogaloo 2001 RSTi - project insanity

Originally Posted by Boogaloo View Post
Salvi asked about what to do with the brake and clutch pedal assembly on a swap.
Up until 2 days ago, I thought that an STi or WRX pedal box was a direct bolt in affair!

I called Keener and he guided me through what was needed, and I was then able to get it to fit.

It is not a smooth fit, nor does it just slide right up into position. My pedal box is from an 05 STi, and it required a bit of "finesse" to get it into place and secured.

You have to elongate the holes the secure the (upper pat of) pedal box to the bottom or the dash area, here is a pic of what is required:

Then, on the clutch support portion of the bracket, you need to use a longer bolt with a large washer like I have in this picture:

This is all necessary because the 3 mounting holes at the top of the firewall mounting points do not line up with GD pedal boxes. Once you do like i have shown here, it all fits just like any other STi or WRX and seems like it will work just fine.

Just like this picture I posted above, this is what it looks like installed:

I have to admit that I wish I knew about this months ago, because I would have relocated the mounting holes on the chassis or made a bracket like the throttle pedal adapter, but this will do for now.
Or cut as supasweetr34skyline mentions

2slo4u's endless swap (WARNING: EJ20K inside)
Originally Posted by 2slo4u View Post
Ok a few more pics. I got the transmission completely in and rearranged a few wires to get them away from the turbo area. Also swapped the turbo crossmember in with my steering rack attached.

Transmission completely installed

Crossmember and rack installed

Turbo solenoid/ignition plate wiring to ecu. Forgot to buy a grommet so ultra grey will do for now. I can always pull the sealant off and press a grommet in later. Btw, how much is the firewall grommet for the a/c lines, lol?

This is the 2000 RS metal clutch line, doesn't line up with wrx m/c as you can see (is there something I'm doing wrong here?)

had to cut marked areas for bolts to go in, brake side

clutch side, marked and cut then used washer
WRX clutch fork:

I know ECS makes an adapter for DBW but it is $97 shipped = /

Then there is a need to change the clutch fork pivot?

I am wondering if I should source an RS pedal box to ensure it fits my 93 chassis without having to cut anything,at least and then worry about the other items

link on how to uninstall/install pedal box:
link on how to uninstall/install clutch master cylinder
Clutch master cylinder install

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