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Pretty good weekend in the garage. Got the rest of the parts more organized. Finally finished drilling and tapped the rear sway mount hole that was thrashed. Still need to get a bolt, test make sure its solid, and drill the rear sway mount for the larger size. Even though I'm still not done I'm relieved to get it tapped and out of the way. Now I can return the taps I borrowed off a friend months ago haha. While I was down there I cleaned up the charcoal canister some of the undercarriage and test fitted the whiteline sway mounts. Clears the filler tube perfecto, just had to trim the muffler heat shield a bit.

Took some time and finished cleaning up the wheel wells and struts. Talk about weight reduction, guarantee I knocked off a few pounds of crud. Here's an old before photo of the passenger front well. Not very pretty photos, but it was brutal and dirty work so I'm going to show them off anyway!

Pulled the rear wrx crossmember apart. Everything went smoothly, just need to replace the lat link bolts since they took a beating to free up.

Dad caught me napping on the job haha..

Going to order my filler neck, some misc hardware, and alarm/remote start system this week. I'm thinking since the hubs are off and free(and I have the press I'm itching to find more things to use it on) I'll probably get 4 fresh wheels bearings to press in.

Feeling pretty good about where I am, but damn time flies. Already June, but on track to finish by my loose end of summer deadline
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