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Thanks for the encouragement mang!! Can use all of it I can get.

Got the pedal box and steering wheel pulled last thursday after work. Was easy going wrenching except until it came to pulling the wheel off the column. Had to put a damn ratchet strap on to pop it loose. Tomorrow I'll get the shifter linkage and the engine bay accessories pulled. Not sure what all I will end up using, but I'll probably pull everything I can from the wrx engine bay. Buyer will be here wednesday to pick it up. Once he gets it on the lift I'll swing by his way and get the rs crossmembers back. I did get to check the shaft play on the td04, ziltch! It's spot on, I'm nearly certain that the smoke coming from the engine after test driving was the mouse nest issue(actually found the little guy while pulling the engine. Caught him and set him free out in the woods. Pretty sure back back inside though haha..

I keep prying on myself that I should at least do the headgasket and probably a clutch job while I have it out, but I just don't want to dig into another rabbit hole right yet. I'm looking to just drop this engine in as is and free up my parents garage again. I've considered a garage addition to my current house but its just not worth it. So I'm on the lookout to rent or buy a small spot/garage that will be a bit more car project friendly.

So close and yet so far

WRX engine bay photos for future reference;

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