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Heater Core Replacement - Part 1

Went to a junkyard today to grab a heater box and core for my car today. Ended up snagging the box from the same exact RS that I had bought my 251 from way back when 4 years ago. I knew the car was clean, taken care of, and had around 100k miles.

First day it was over 40 here so my girlfriend and I had a good day pulling the dash. Things were just a bit wet.

Got back home and pulled the dash on my car. Haven't had this bad boy off in 3 years.

Rearranged a lot of the wiring and pulled out the heater box and pulled out the heater core. When I blew it out myself I could feel a lot of hesitation and blockage already in there. I had it all going into my plugged sink so I could see all the crap coming out. There was lots of it.

I got this shitty picture of the inside of the old core once I took off the hoses:

The send line had a TON of garbage in it and water I ran through it was trapped up there.

This may just be it guys.

I put the dash back in and still have a few things to button up tomorrow, mainly the steering column grommet of death . Also have some coooolio stuff to put back on that I got in the junkyard.

I'll update again tomorrow.
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