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managed to get front suspension components removed
New ride height

Just before I got coilovers I thought that stock suspension is fine for me, but I wanted more camber. So I got mooresport top mounts. These are great parts, but I wasn't aware that I won't be able to use them with stock springs because they add about 30 mm of ride height. After I got coilovers they came with their own top mounts so these left attached to original struts. Wanted to put my my Group N top mounts but they are currently installed on white car and I had no time for swaping it.

It looks like my R160 diff might have limited slip in it. it was painted black by someone, but under the paint I found badge with letters "TR". Any ideas what it might mean?

So, for this nigt I have big plans...
Swap coilovers into the white car, swap sway bars, install exhaust which I haven't test fitted yet (but it was removed from same car, so hope it will be fine)

Need to clean coilovers before intallation and somehow make a guess on ride height.. After making allignment it cannot be changed. So basically I have one shot. Probably take measurements on current settings and add 5-10 mm... STi was sitting quite low, but it had ALK installed. I plan to get ALK for white car as well, so it will be interesting how it's going to affect cap times ))

Asked in some shops about conerweighting the car, but it seems that "ain't nobody got time for that!"
need to find somebody with the scales...

All mounting hardware and subframe/diff bushes look terrible on white car, probably will order all suspension/subframe bolts and bushes. Group N kit was kind of expensive... Anyone can advice cost effective bush kit for track car?

P.S. I like my storage room )
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