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About white car. It's 1996 with stock EJ20G, wrx 5 spd tranny and R160 diff. Bought together with my friends for trackdays as joint project but finally ended up on my driveway after rest of participants lost interest or got their own cars.
in fact I was trying to sell it to get something n/a rwd for this season but offers were too low. These cars are quite cheap here, so after lots of time and effort invested in it I couldn't justify selling for price offered...

The plan:

Swap coilovers, sway bars and rear arms from STi and putting stock STi psrts back on the black car.

Check ECU for compatibility and install ESL daughterboard for pre 96 cars
WTA intercooler - it's quite hot here so I thought that it might be useful. Also that's something I always wanted to do. I even got some bits like temperature controller. Thinking about frozenboost coolers, the only problem might be limited space on phase 1 engine. type 13 core will definately fit, but it's rated up to 350 h.p. which is not really far from oem setup. Even if I will drop this idea I will use controller for automatic intercooler water spray
Aircon will be removed for weight reduction with chargecooler radiator fitted instead of aircon one.

interior should be stock as per regulations, except for bucket seats, so I plan to get harness bar and driver bucket seat (I already have OMP harness installed)

Car has yellowstuff pads. Will probably delete abs (not working anyway). Considered 4/2 pot swap, but not sure if it's worth it.
Possibly cooling ducts.

Same as in 2014.

reverse scoop if get chargecooler installed
will remain without wing - imo only adds weight on this track
fog lights will be removed.

Unfortunately no dccd here, will try to swap RaceDAC from black car ir get another one. Racing without datalogging is not that fun

right now I'm trying to swap suspension and it appears to be a major challenge... progress post later...
and btw, first race is on Sunday
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