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Brought a couple things to the garage with me, almost got everything I wanted done

Mustache bar, pedal box, and shifter/linkage removed.

That's pretty much it for disassembling, so I installed a couple of the easy bits while cleaning the shell.

Flat fuel door;

(another part added to the list, going to replace the filler neck/pipe after getting a closer look)

jdm coolant tank;

Deatschwerks pump installed;

JDM hazard and replacement center vent;

Attempted to extract my broken sway mount bolt.. broke the extractor off in it. First time I've busted one, trying to decide if I want to get a hardened bit to drill it out or I've read you can use a punch and bust the extractor up since it's more brittle. Going to attempt everything I can before cutting the trunk open to solve to issue.

Some more cleaning in store for this week, going to order my outrigger bushings and maybe filler neck. Need the outrigger bushings before starting to pull the wrx rear crossmember to swap over.
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