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Shew you can definitely tell she's seen some salty WV roads.. Rear end bolts aren't going quietly. Drivers side is loose, working on the passenger side tonight after work. One of the rear sway mount bolts sheared off Guess I was still roid ragin after wrestling the strut bolts off. Added extractin it back on the list. Just a few more parts to pull and I'll be prepping for rebuild. Dreading and getting excited about putting together the main ToDo list.

A few more parts dropped off. RSD order should be here tomorrow.

Get what ya pay for eh? My dirt cheap 'mandrel bent'(pffhuh!) headers showed up. Short 2 collectors are pretty hacked..

Perrin inlet and intake

Sways, more weight than I was expecting, but ridiculously beefy

On a personal note got the go ahead from my dr to get back on the slopes! So I'm going to need some extra motivation to get in the garage week nights after work
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