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Default Pete, Chet24's 2.5RS

I found a really cheap set of rattle canned and plastidipped 6 spokes (the winter set I had lined up wouldn't clear the 4 pots) and swapped the suspension out on my car. I originally swapped to a stock L suspension for winter, and that was a joke. So much body roll and pitch and dive compared to the coilovers. I went in for an alignment at Ziptie and the mechanic said one of the wheel bearings was so bad that he couldn't align it. I knew it was getting there and had been planning on it anyway. Not having a press, I had my friend who helped me with the motor take care of it for me. What a nice man.

I pulled the coilovers completely apart to clean them and install new adjustment clickers, thinking about selling them. Long story short, I do a ton of driving and work long hours on my feet, so I was starting to have a permanently sore back. Two of the adjustment clickers had broken on me when I tried to soften them up.

Lo and behold, within a few days a set of AGX with Eibach Pro springs popped up on facebook. Didn't mind if I did. Installed same day in time to meet my original alignment appointment and now the ride is just about perfect. I might miss the adjustability, I am just a tad higher than I was on coilovers, but overall it is still plenty competent in the corners and has an aggressive look.

Potato pic from that night.

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