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Stayed stock for a while while my funds recuperated. A while meaning like 3 weeks... haha.

The first was a FREE.99 prodrive exhaust from a friend. It needs a good polish, but it has a great sound, deep without being obnoxiously loud and looks so much better than the other exhaust styles.

I also did the Kartboy shifter and both front and rear bushings, as well as a Warbird Machine Design shift knob from a local friend. I am a fan of the piston shape knob and the custom gunmetal color fits well with the interior of the car. I also replaced the shift boot with one from Redline Goods since the old vinyl one was very worn out.

And an STi key. The car only came with one, so this one was a "necessity" if you are ever talking to my wife. The key is not designed to fit in the RS, it needed a lot of trimming in the width and the channels, and I did this and cut it myself with a Dremel and some hand files. Lots and lots of work.

And then some wheels of course. I had someone offer me an outrageous amount for my stock RS 6 spokes, so I decided to make a little money and get new wheels. I scoured around for a set of really beat up wheels that I could refinish and I came across these 5zigen FN01R-C. 17x7 +48, with the rare "Try Harder" center caps.

A guy with a old gen supra picked them up being told they were 5x114, went to install them and they wouldn't fit, so he was just looking to get rid of them. They were cheap because of this wheel.

Original seller said they were sun bleached, but it definitely had something spill on them or something. Also every wheel had a least a little curb rash, one of them was really bad.

Luckily there are a ton of good write ups on refinishing a set of wheels, so I decided to paint them myself. I bought real automotive paint from Superior Paint Supply, after looking at swatches for a few hours and deciding a pearl finish was a ton of money, I settled on Subaru Aspen white.

A few pics of the process. By the way, the card method sucks. Overspray everywhere, and they kept falling out. I would tape next time.

Original color looked awful with my silver... I know.

I really like the color, but I have noticed that my clear coat was not quite thick enough on some spots like the sides of the spokes, so it is kind of grainy on a couple of wheels and loves to collect brake dust that does not come out easily. I also liked the matte finish the paint had before the clear, so I may end up sanding and clearing a few more coats and then a few more matte coats. I'm not sure yet though...

I also don't love the style of the wheel. I was hoping I would more after the paint, which I do, but not enough to keep I think. I picked up a set of 04 WRX calipers, so I'm hoping that maybe once I get a bigger slotted rotor in there it might fill it out more, but maybe not, and I'll probably end up selling when fall comes and I would love to get a real quality set, works, volks, enkie, etc.

Also some of the cheap muteki lug nuts from Reflected Image. These are made by Muteki, but not branded as such so they are a little knock-offish and priced at about half of their regular lug nuts. The first time I put them on, the blue started to chip. After about a month, they don't look great and have started rusting in the splines. They were cheap, so I can't complain too much, but I would spend more money next time.

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