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Default 2001 Impreza L | WRX swapped | lightweight daily driver project

So I noticed my radiator leaking from the bottom a couple weeks ago. It was a slow enough leak that I had some time to decide on a replacement. It was between the Koyo 1819 or a new OEM replacement.

Well the leak got a bit worse last Wednesday, and it needed to be replaced ASAP. So I didn't have time to order a Koyo from I really didn't wanna mess with new fans and shrouds, and a JDM I got a brand new OEM radiator straight from the dealer.

Yes, it was stupid expensive....but it works perfectly fine and nothing had to change.

So I replaced it on Saturday and turned my driveway into an EPA disaster.

New one:

I gutted a new radiator cap too. The one on the old radiator was fine, but taking it on and off to fill the radiator risks the gasket getting messed up and not holding pressure. Plus I like having extra gutted caps just incase.

I slowly cut away the plunger and springs with tin snips....very careful to not mess up the gasket or somehow deform the cap itself. I suppose it would work by just removing the smaller gasket, but I like to cut away the plunger too.

Normal cap next to the gutted one for comparison:

And here's some random pics I took recently. I got a new lens for my camera so I've been messing around with it lately.

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