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Originally Posted by steezin_and_wheezin View Post
Been following along with this one, love the attention to detail on the smalls!
I just like to explain how and why I did things.....and it helps me keep track of how and why I did things.

Originally Posted by George.of.the.Jungle View Post
one of the very few build threads i've read from top to bottom. i like.
I've been following your thread for a long time....always a good read. The turbo'd ej22 set up is sweet....hopefully you get all the kinks worked out.

Originally Posted by rl206 View Post
Awesome direction you're going!

Motivation for the rest of us!

I'm doing the same thing w/ mine, cleaning it up, getting rid of the unnecessary weight and cleaning up rust. It's been in WA state it's whole life but there's quite a bit of rust still, good work though!

That's the only thing about GC's I hate...the rust! My rear 1/4 panel rust actually just started this year.....I saw it starting to bubble up over the summer. At least it managed to hold off 14 years of northeast winters.

Originally Posted by Maximilian View Post
I regret rebuilding my ej205 because it's a long, arduous, nerve wracking, frustrating, and expensive process. But I beefed it up, so it's not all bad. The biggest problem has been remembering how everything went. I started the motor in school, so I took it apart in august, and am just now putting it back together. CP pistons, sti rods, king bearings, cross drilled crank. About $1600 in the shortblock, on top of the initial cost of the complete engine, crossmember, sway bar, and harness ($1500), then the UEL header (ebay unit, got it for free) up-pipe (used $100) downpipe (cnt-$280) and catback ($250 used SRS) makes the total cost about $3,730. About the same price as the car.

Well like you said, its not all bad because you'll have a fresh engine.....definitely worth it in the end.

If I can ever find a 91-94 turbo leggy at the junkyard...I'll take it's super awesome engine and rebuild the bottom end to have a spare block....and eventually do a 205/22t hybrid.
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