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Throw out bearing, Pilot bearing, valve cover gasket and starter replacement

So this weekend I was finally able to fix my cluster**** of a problem. I had two starters break because I broke the starter -> trans -> engine bolt about a month ago when I started to look at the noise the throwout was making. Because the starter was then mounted on only one nut, the torque from it just snapped the casting and I was out of a car for an exam.

I then called up a buddy who had the exact same starter and we tossed it in so I could limp myself to one more exam and then back home for Thanksgiving hoping it wouldn't break. Push starting was out of the question since my driveway is shaped like a W, it was iced over and all my friends were at work and couldn't help. We got it on and started the car and everything was working well enough. So I go back to studying and put the car away for the night.

The next morning I come out to my car to drive to my exam and I go to start the car and I hear a snapping sound and the whiz of the starter not engaging. ****.


I emailed my professor and told him I wouldn't be making it.

I had an exam the next day as well, and I was out of options and I needed to study. I had secured a ride to class so that was fine. Whatever.

Tomorrow comes and the person who was going to give me a ride backs out because it would be "an inconvenience to me". I don't want to talk about how mad I am.

So I'm out at my car at 8AM trying to rig up my starter and eventually I get it to work using two zipties and a 2x4 smashed between the motor and the firewall.

**** it. I got to my exam. And then home.

Got home and pulled the motor with the help of my lovely girlfriend.

Taking a look at things the throwout was trashed and I was also greeted with this gift:

Alrighty. Ordered another.

Next day I did the valve cover gasket for the other side that I didn't do a while ago, drilled out the bellhousing bolt I broke (THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT, Tsidreams on here). Also tossed on the throwout and put the motor back in. Broke the AC tensioner like a noob, so I need to snag a new one and hook it up.

Got it all back together just in time to go out with the girl and about halfway there my coolant temp needle was just about pinned to the top.

Apparently a lower rad hose decided to come loose. Date night was ruined. Had my dad come and bring some coolant and a clamp and drove the car home. I'm not too happy about overheating the car. Time to change the oil I guess.

So that's the end of the cluster**** week. AT LEAST IT BETTER BE.

Who knows what's next... I dunno.
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