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Originally Posted by BadTrainDriver View Post
Beautiful low mileage RS! Congratulations!

Two questions:

#1. Why did it need a new clutch and flywheel at 51K miles?

#2. Where in the HECK did you find an extended arm rest? I've been looking for one FOREVER!
Thank you!

To answer your questions - I noticed the clutch point was high and shuddered when getting into gear. It was enough for a local specialty shop (DPS) to agree it could use replacing. I wanted to get this thing completely put together as I'll have a longer commute soon.

They did see the clutch that came out was in good shape, but the flywheel was not. That and the throwout bearings as well were in really poor shape, so much so the shop noted it was a bit dangerous driving on it. Sadly I still have the notorious noise after all that.

I found the extended arm rest via a craigslist ad for rear spats! I ended up selling the spats, but I kept the armrest. Of course the tab is broken though. Looking for a proper fix, not just velcro.

Thanks y'all
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