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Default 2001 Impreza L | WRX swapped | lightweight daily driver project

This weekend I installed a TurboSmart mechanical boost gauge. I should have just bought a real mount or something...but I took out one of the dash vents and put the gauge there.

I cut the HVAC tube to make room and blocked it off so the other side still flows nice. ...ran the wiring and tube in that plastic conduit stuff, and wired it to the same place as my LED's.

For boost it shows the same reading as the accessport...anywhere between 16-17 psi at full boost. Good to know the accessport is accurate for boost.

It reads -20 at idle, fully warmed up. Also good to know that I have proper vacuum at idle. (I think?)

Here's a few pictures of it finished...for now....moved the accessport too. I'd like to make a backing plate type thing to go behind the gauge. I also need white/ blue bulbs for the stock cluster to match the head unit and boost gauge.

Little bit of weight reduction from this weekend....random stuff....a 5 whole lbs.
I removed the hunk of metal under the drivers side dash...and I have no clue why I had a steering wheel cover, so I took that off too. Hopefully I'm getting close to the 2600's again...

Passed inspection last week. PA is easy, so it was no issue with the swap and stuff...I'm fully catted anyway.

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