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Version 6 STi type R Struts/Springs

Alright, so the cluster**** above has finally been rectified.

Bought a set of struts from Jake, and traded the V7 STi rears for a rear one my buddy had.

Only problem with the struts from Jake were that they had one marred up insert. So my buddy and I pulled the insert and swapped in the good one from the other strut, greased it up and all was good to go.

Sorry for the potato pics that look like everything is being hotboxed, the camera on my phone has gotten scratched up from using it as a flashlight to work on cars.

After that it was just a matter of tossing the springs on and putting them on the car.

It did lower the car ~1/2 an inch. In my fit of excitement I did forget to measure the height difference like a moron, so I don't have any hard numbers. Pictures below to see the way the car sits.

Also the car feels incredibly different in all the best ways. Only thing I have left to do on the car to make it a 100% OEM JDM STi is to get on the STi steering rack.

I took a 2 hour trip today in the car to break it in, as well as drive some 911s with a friend and this girl who keeps hanging around me for some reason. Anyways, got some meh rolling shots and some pictures of my ugly, unshowered mug.

That's all for now. Just need to fix some rubbing that's going on because of the dented fender. Hopefully that whole issue will be fixed by the end of the year.

I absolutely love this car. Words can't describe my joy right now.
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