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Default 2001 Impreza L | WRX swapped | lightweight daily driver project

Originally Posted by Dan7140 View Post

If you get a V3/4 bumper you should also get the aluminum hood too! They a frickin sweet (and light).

Yup, aluminum, or carbon paint matched.
Doing the hood, bumper beam, and battery would help a lot, especially since it's the front of the car where I need it.

I forgot about gas last time I weighed the car. It didn't change much but I always go with:
-1/4 tank of gas
-full size spare (16x7)
-scissor jack and tire iron
-full interior

Current weight: 2720...So the swap added 80 lbs, not closer to 100 like I thought. Still a lot of weight... -_-

Current stuff:
Just been enjoying driving it. Clutch is almost broken in so I can have more fun. Scheduled a pro tune for sometime soon. Depends when I need to get the accessport fixed:

I had no heat shields on the turbo or downpipe. This is my first attempt at a DIY turbo heatshield....I used rectangular reflectors from 277 lights that are the perfect size. I left the underside the same reflective silver color, and used high temp spray paint on the top....and aluminum strips for the brackets.
$14 total. Cheap and simple.

Before, the intercooler was too hot to rest a hand on after touching the side right by the turbo is hot, but can rest a hand on. Really surprised how much of a difference it made.

Another engine bay picture. I cleaned up some stuff and painted a few things, like the alternator cover. Also replaced the main fuse because I accidentally touched the alternator wire to ground.

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