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Version 4 STi Seats

Drove down 4 hours to Ohio to pick these seats up. Long day, but I had a friend come with me and a Mazda with a quiet exhaust and cruise control so it wasn't too bad.

Seats are in really great shape. TINY bit of bolster wear, and some rubbing wear on the bottom of the driver's side bottom, but other than that they are awesome! Rears have a small stain in them, but I think I'll be able to get it out.

Fitment of the rear seats is a bit off because it seems like they are from a sedan and not a coupe, but I should be able to make them fit a bit better.

Rear cards are in good shape. Few stains in the fabric on the driver's side, but again I think I can clean them out. Need to pull it off to to remount a bracket as it didn't come with it. Pics of that later.

And of course my (crappy) pictures of the seats:


My initial reactions on how the seats feel is simply this: Perfect. I am a tiny 5 6' 125lb dude and these things fit me like a custom tailored suit. Definitely change the driving experience in the car in all the best ways. If you don't have a set of these JDM seats right now and are a small skinny dude... get them. Get them now. Should have had them yesterday.

Fabric kit for the front door cards is next on my list. Is Zealous Interiors still selling them?
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