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Default 2001 Impreza L | WRX swapped | lightweight daily driver project


I'll do lips/spats/side skirts later on....right now they would just get destroyed by the roads. The only exterior, body changes I'd like to do is the v1-v3 (I think) front bumper. I'll do that when I get the car resprayed eventually.
This bumper:

As far as the lightweight stuff goes....well it just got more difficult.
I weighed it yesterday for the first time since the swap, and I'm basically back at stock weight.

Pre-swap: 2640~
Post-swap: 2730~

I'm running out of stuff I can safely remove/lighten since it's a daily. There are some spendy options left...battery is happening soonish:

-lightweight battery --> 20-30 lbs
-lighter exhaust --> ??
-aluminum hood --> ??
-lighter seats --> ??

If I get that v1-3 bumper I'll need to change the front beam somehow...light bumper beams would help A LOT, but those make me nervous....I could cut my front one to keep some strength instead of the JDM one I guess.

Was shooting for 2500's....but now I'd just like to be back in the 2600's.

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