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Default '01 SRP Impreza L | now WRX swapped | 2600 lbs | Daily driver

Finally figured out the issue last week. I exhausted every option and test I could try...I took it to the awesome dudes at AndrewTech and they were able to narrow it down to the ecu or map/tune. They put a scope on the wires and injector 3 was basically staying open twice as long.....making it super rich in that cylinder...making stuff go crazy like it was. So they threw in another ecu laying around with a stock map...and it ran perfect!!

So the tuner wrote a slightly different map, and it's running pretty good....boost and everything. Don't know if it was the tune, accessport error, or download error on my laptop....but oh well. I picked up a spare ecu yesterday just in case.

Driving impressions.....awesome. Just awesome.
I never owned a wrx/STi, or any turbo car for that matter...but this ej205 feels pretty quick to me.
I've been driving the ej22 in this car since I started driving, so it's quite the noticeable upgrade. Boosting in turns with no power steering is a handful.

The 06+ wrx clutch seems to be working fine in my older cable transmission. Still breaking in the clutch so I haven't done any WOT pulls, but the little td04 gives all the boost early so I've been getting a good feel for it....and the sound is too great. The exhaust is quiet like I wanted with the stock wrx catback....but between the downpipe and turbo inlet, I can hear the turbo very well.

-Friday I finally got my alignment and was super close to spec after installing the new steering rack on the new crossmember. One side was within spec, but the other out....pretty good for using a tape measure.

-This weekend I worked on stopping the downpipe from rattling on the transmission crossmember. It was literally resting on it and banging around a lot.

I used a BFH to dent the crossmember and downpipe slightly, grinded some of the crossmember away, and re-adjusted the downpipe to get clearance. Should be fine for a are before and after:

-Heres a random picture of the new front end stuff:

-I mounted the fuel pump controller behind the glovebox. Not sure if it's my permanent gets pretty hot and I'm unsure where I want it to be:

-Here is the rest of the keyless entry delete. If you unplug the whole harness for it like I showed in the last post, you only need to loop 2 wires for the power door locks to with green, and blue with white....they everything works like normal.

-I was forced to buy new battery tie down j-hooks. I also cleaned up the tie down and some other things in the bay. Also changed the oil again, just cause....and rotated the tires.

Gonna try to take it easy for a while....make sure it's all working and I installed everything right. Next things are a boost guage and wideband....also a turbo blanket very soon.

...and most importantly....getting back to more weight reduction!

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