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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Day 22:

Still haven't figured much out. I've been shooting ideas around with people and it's easier for me to keep all the things I've tried and replaced here, because I keep losing my lists.

-Cylinder 3 must foul the plug almost instantly. Smells mostly of fuel but is oily....
Before the leakdown test I threw in a new plug...but after it warmed up and I took the plug back was already black.

-Did a compression test last week.
150-155 across all 4.

After it got to operating temp for the compression test, it threw codes for cylinder 3 and 4 misfires.....only those, and it didn't blink this time. Really confusing how the misfire codes are so random.

-Did a leakdown test today.

All 4 leaked at about the same rate....nothing pointing to a problem anywhere or specifically to cylinder 3.

....although.....there is an "air escaping" noise right where the tester screws into the spark plug hole on cylinders 1 & 3.....louder at cylinder noise on cylinder 2 & 4.

Cracked head is a new possibility.

-I put the interior on the back burner with the engine issues....the first 2 weeks I just had the cluster zip tied to the dash bar.

I will be mounting the fuel pump controller in the glovebox somehow. The normal location makes me nervous since it gets pretty warm.
...some of the days I was puzzled I spent putting the interior back together.
Got the airbags hooked back up and the main stuff in:

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