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Default Engine story and more.

After a year of sitting it was time to disassemble the STI.

Took about 1/2 a day to get to this stage.

Hoping that the engine have survived.

By next working day the car was stripped of most usable parts.

All wiring was ditched.

and ready to get rolling again.

Now was time for the GC.

(keeping my buddy anonymous for now)

And a pile of unusable GC parts was created in the process.

It was then time to lighten up the car and remove sound deadening.

While at it sti front end was bolted.

Few cans of brake cleaner and a small buzz later ...

We decided to to take off the heads, since the exhaust manifold didnt look too healthy.

Cylinder 4 was done for.

There was damage in the pistion and pretty much all sleeves had a layer of rust.

It was time for a tear down.

Halves have been split since the block had to be re-sleeved.

A quick chat with Benson and the halves were shipped for honing and re- sleeving.

All packed and ready for ups.

Permanent position for now.

... Meanwhile battery tray was shaved.

Rear was bolted up and them GC05F mounted.

And then finally after more than a year of aggravation this arrived.

This was really the deal breaker. If I couldnt get the kit, project would have been scrapped.

It was now time for some welding to be done.

But first....

It really took 3 of us to get the car on its side.

It was now time to prep for seam welding.

Weld-meister doing the honors.

And the finished product.

A pleasant surprise from Benson.

o-ring-ed and shiny

With only one half re-sleeved.

Moving along.. RS AL hood was finally picked up and installed.

And in the parts department... A guy from nasioc had created a new fuel rail bracket. Making things lighter quite a bit.

The old and the new.

After a many days and nights I gave in to the thought of caging the car.

FIA cage has been ordered, and paint prep-work begun.

All scuffed-out before the cage install.

Seam welding traces

And in the parts department those arrived.

And those as well.

Then came the roof time.

Cf should do just fine.

M0ar good news came from JE.
4 new custom pistons have been delivered.

Also Japanparts delivered as well.

I know its early but the brains are here as well.

Time to make things neat.

And for those wondering here is the turbine housing of the turbo to come.

Cage prepping in progress.

Some rust here and there got taken care of.

Breaking power is ready.

Few parts of the dieting process.

Update: Sep.07.2014
Finally some movement.

After a month of waiting and some struggles with shipping company...
This arrived.

Unpacking the goodies.

T45 FIA Certified straight from UK.

Mounting plates.

Dash Bar test fit.

Main hoop tests.

Gave up testing when all of the bars fell apart.

Now trying to find a decent welder that will TIG-it.

More goodies arrived.
Cossie oil baffle.

1400' of mil spec tefzel wire.

And a Motec PDM to suport it.

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