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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)


Since I needed to replace the engine harness due to broken connectors and stuff, the manifold had to come off no matter what.

New harness had more broken connectors so I soldered ones from the other harness....I also installed a one piece turbo inlet and did TGV deletes while it was all apart. I kept the GBOD off too.

I was kinda lazy with the deletes and didn't cut out the divider wall, but I knife edged it and smoothed down that lip on the inside. I also used the weldless delete kit from ks tech....I put on some sealant and red loctite to help make sure it won't leak.

I smoothed and cleaned them up more before install:

Then it got sketchy when I did my first timing belt.....DOHC is a little tricky.

I pulled the grimmspeed crank pulley off the ej22 to put on the ej20....that pulley tool really comes in handy:

I replaced some more hoses , tucked a few wires, and routed this pcv line....the new inlet relocated it:

....and another shot of the engine. Just a few more things to check over and install and it'll be ready.....big thing is the clutch...I hope the 06 wrx stuff works:

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