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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Been doing maintenance and other things on the engine while I wait for parts....might as well while I have it on the stand.

-I got my alternator tensioner so I can confirm it works for the 27" belt I have...then I cut up the bracket a little.

-Was sent a slightly damaged wrx alternator....but it ended up being an STi, 90 amp one...Win?

-Also made an attempt at an alternator cover...not sure if I want to run with or without a cover though:

Here's maintenance I did over the weekend:
-complete valve cover job
-spark plugs
-oil filter
-replaced rusty oil cooler hardline
-cleaned parts/bolts
-painted parts/bolts

-Grabbed a few extras too....upgrading is too easy sometimes....Stock y-pipe is dumb so I went silicone, and why buy a stock old DP?
-This one has no shields and is already ceramic coated.

-Sprayed and test fit this thing into my car for the boost solenoid and those sensors:

...and here's just a random shot of the engine so far. The guy is sending me a new intake mani and wiring harness because that crank sensor is all messed I should probably do TGV deletes while its apart.

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