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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Been wanting to redo my de-powered rack for a while. Still waiting on my steering rack bushings and new clamps, but here is my new and improved manual converted rack. My last one was done in a rush but I still really like the way it feels...this new one should be even better.

Its a new (reman) rack...most of the factory PS fluid was already drained out due to poor shipping from FedEx....the lines were all bent up and leaked the fluid. Good thing I don't need them:

I drained the remaining fluid and plugged the 2 holes by the pinion gear. I used 2 of the fittings, cut and removed the hardline, filled with metal epoxy and painted them (3rd is a different story):

The other 2 holes, see below, are supposed to be looped together to equalize the air between sides or something.... I just used some rubber hose, copper 90's and hose clamps. I didn't do this last time, and I think it will make a difference:

This time I used Lucas oil red 'n tacky for my grease. I cleaned the factory grey colored grease out of the pinion housing and pinion gear best I could, then covered it with the new stuff:

Entire assembly. No PS lines is nice:

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