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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Mostly ordering and waiting on parts now...since I'm attempting a weekend swap I'm getting everything done that I can, while still driving it. The ecu came the other week and I finally sent all the stuff out to iWire for the merge.

-slowly taking the dash/console stuff out and labeling connectors

-installed the new fuel pump early. I knew it would save time for the install weekend....especially since I broke a stud on the gas tank.

Dw300 pump. Larger, and better reviews than the 255:

-more parts came last week:
--gc8 crossmember
--gc8 hood/intercooler splitter
--wrx wagon front sway bar (20mm)
--v3 accessport

Wrx wagon bar is 20mm to my surprise...I thought it was 19. The 2-hole wrx brackets won't work, along with the bushings. I think the L/RS brackets and bushings work....I'll just ream the 19mm to 20mm.

I quickly sanded and sprayed the x-member and sway bar....both were pretty clean, but I want NO rust on my new stuff.
Since the x-member is near the exhaust I used high temp. paint....and the store only had flat black....sway bar is ok with regular stuff so I used red.

More little stuff to do and order this week...and hopefully I can order the engine finally. I was supposed to last week but never got ahold of the guy.

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