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Default 2001 Subaru MoneyPit (Impreza L)

Ok, bad news from the machine shop the other week....the threads I broke on the block are gonna cost too much to fix, so it's best to get more case halves or a new shortblock.
These threads: (oil cooler bolt)

Which is fine, but now I'm not gonna do the 2.1 I'm just getting a complete, running, used ej205 to swap in. This will save me like $2,000-$3,000 total in the swap, and make things easier for me. I wanted a new engine, but low mileage will do for now.

I also bought some more parts for the swap recently, and started digging this money pit even deeper:
-true gc8 crossmember
-dash harness from a '99 OBS
-new wheels

Will post pics of the harness and crossmember when I get it, but these are the wheels....I call them my "budget rally wheels".

16x7 with my 215/50-16's summers from last year:

The last update I put the washer fluid tank in the trunk, and there's an issue when doing that:
While braking down hills or heavy braking in general....washer fluid would shoot out without pressing the a valve of some sort was needed.

BRZcory gave me the idea to wire up a solenoid to the button....and it worked perfect.
Wired it in parallel with the button and placed the solenoid right before the nozzles. Since electricity travels faster than water, this set up works perfect! No more random washer fluid shooting out.

I need to clean up the install, wires and maybe mount it underneath the pitch mount, not right on top. I really just wanted to make sure it would work:

I also re-mounted my auxiliary light switch. Since I removed my old Hella wires and switch, I needed another switch plate to hold my one remaining switch. I just modified one of the blank switch covers:

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